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La Jolla Lutheran Church
7111 La Jolla Blvd,
La Jolla, California, 92037
14 miles north of downtown San Diego.


This week's Bible Study and video:
You can improve any situation

Bible studies and videos for 2014

La Jolla Lutheran Church

About the church

If you're wondering what our church is like, it can be summed up simply: We follow Jesus. You're welcome to come even if you're skeptical, have doubts, or aren't sure you'll fit in. When you arrive, you'll find we teach what the Bible says and let you make up your own mind what you think about it.

The central theme of our worship service is that God loves you. When you arrive, you'll find kids, parents, and grandparents, all worshiping together in one extended family. We have a great Sunday School that meets during worship (starting right after the children's message).

Unlike many clubs you may be familiar with, you do not need to be sponsored, voted in, or pay dues to visit our church. Feel free to just show up. You'll be very welcome. If you arrive at 9:20 Sunday morning, you'll be in plenty of time to find parking, get a program and have a seat before the service starts. Our parking lot is across the street from the church (on Fern Glen and La Jolla Boulevard).

No prior experience is required - we print everything you need in one handy program, so you won?t have to guess what happens next.

People's clothes will range from summer casual to dressy. Wear what makes you comfortable and you'll fit right in. We look forward to seeing you Sunday at 9:30 a.m.

La Jolla Lutheran Church
7111 La Jolla Blvd
La Jolla, CA 92037


La Jolla Lutheran Church is 14 miles north of downtown San Diego, three blocks from the coast, in La Jolla, CA.

What We Teach

We teach from the Bible every week, since the Bible tells about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit and gives helpful advice on how to live. In the Bible, you discover that God loves you, that Jesus died so you could live life fully, that Jesus is alive today, and that the Holy Spirit is available to help you any time you ask.

Sunday School

Sunday School for kids age 3 through 12 is held during the worship service. Children start with us in the sanctuary, sing one or two songs with us, and then go to the Sunday School right after the children's message. One of the great things of a church our size is the kids get individualized attention in a supportive environment.

This week

Learn from the Bible on Wednesday in a discussion group that meets at 6:30 p.m.

About the Pastor

Mark Dahle has been pastor of La Jolla Lutheran for 18 years. He is the author of How To Pray For Healing (and what to do if nothing happens). He paints abstract art and likes hiking.

Healing Prayer

Prayer for healing (or any other request) is available any Sunday after worship. If you've gotten prayer before but you're not healed yet, it's worth asking for prayer again.


Many parents and grandparents want their children to be baptized, and we're always honored to be the location they choose for that special event. We have also been privileged to baptize many adults who have come to faith in Jesus. When we schedule a baptism, we choose a day your family can remember as all their own. For more details, call the church office at 858-454-6459.


Everyone needs a chance to confirm their faith: to publicly state that they want to follow Jesus. We'd love to talk with you about making the day you do this special. For more details, call the church office at 858-454-6459.


Engaged couples love our building's beautiful Spanish architecture. People also love our location: just three blocks from WindanSea Beach in beautiful La Jolla. (And people are delighted to find that our rates match their budget!) But we're not for everyone. We want your wedding to last a lifetime, so we ask that you attend services at our church so you can meet friends who can support you during your marriage. For more details, call the church office at 858-454-6459.

Funerals and Memorials

If you would like to remember the life of someone you love, we would be honored to be the location you choose for a memorial or funeral. Our beautiful Spanish architecture will make a quiet and profound statement for your guests, and we will work with you to create a service that reflects the beliefs and life of the person you wish to honor. For more details, call the church office at 858-454-6459.

This week:

9:30 a.m. Worship

6:30 p.m. Bible Study



La Jolla Lutheran Church

This week:
Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Bible Study
Sunday 9:30 a.m. Worship

Our video of the week
You can improve any situation

Jesus gave his followers authority over evil spirits. There is no person, situation, city or nation so far gone that it can't be restored.

This summer we're reviewing the amazing expectations of Jesus for his disciples. You can catch up on what we've covered so far:

Your assignment from Jesus

Jesus gave his followers a difficult assignment: proclaim good news, cure the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons. On your own it doesn't seem possible. But with the help of the Holy Spirit, you can do what Jesus told you to do.

Don't let slowpokes set the pace

You have some abilities where you're faster than anyone else. Don't let others set the pace on those things. Going slow is exhausting if you're built for speed. This video also introduces the idea of how to hear from God, based on Eli and Samuel's conversations in 1 Samuel 3.

How to hear God

Everybody hears from God, but not everybody knows how to recognize God's voice. This video gives simple tips on how to tell the difference between what God is revealing and all the other ideas trying to get your attention.

The kingdom of heaven is near

It was the message of John the Baptist: The kingdom of heaven is near. When John was arrested, Jesus started proclaiming the message. Then Jesus taught all his disciples to spread the same message. It's a message that people around the world are still waiting to hear: The kingdom of heaven is near.

Get wisdom (but it's not enough)

Wisdom is a gift from God that is worth asking for. But if you get wisdom and ignore what God has told you, it won't do you any good. It's good to get wisdom, but you also need to follow God's advice.

Build up, encourage and console others

It's important to have people who know how to speak God's word to others. Paul says people who prophecy build up, encourage and console others. You can start today.

If you want to do something, you have to start

Using what the Bible says about speaking in tongues as an example, this video reveals a general truth: If you want to do something, you have to start. You may not have all the facts. You may be nervous. The day may not be perfect. Just start.

Pray for healing and see results

The Bible says there is more power for healing available today than when Jesus was with his twelve followers. This video gives eleven simple tips for how to pray for healing.

Pray for nations and see results

There's no way to prove it, but your prayers for the nations make a difference. You can improve the trajectory of nations by interceding for them.

Daniel's leadership secret

Daniel was an extraordinary leader who helped several kings. This video looks at the secret of Daniel's leadership. The video begins with a discussion of the context revealed in the prophecies of Jeremiah.

God enables you to do miracles

God enables you to do miracles. To you, it may seem like a very natural process, one that involves lots of hard work and effort. But to someone else? It's a miracle that you could do such a thing.

How to prepare for disruptions at work

Many students, workers and leaders are all preparing for a future that doesn’t exist any more. This video gives students five tips for preparing for a workplace filled with chaotic change.

How to get God to act

Sometimes people wonder, "God, why don't you DO something about that?" Usually God is waiting for us to take action on that very thing. People who realize all they have are apt to express their thankfulness in ways that can be seen. Don't listen to critics. Express your gratitude, even if it embarrasses others.

Express your gratitude

People who realize all they have are apt to express their thankfulness in ways that can be seen. Don't listen to critics. Express your gratitude, even if it embarrasses others.

You can improve any situation

Jesus gave his followers authority over evil spirits. There is no person, situation, city or nation so far gone that it can't be restored.


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We do quite a bit throughout the year to help the world and our community (and to have fun). Here are some examples from the past year:

Nashville Songwriters Concert

Nashville Songwriters Concert. Grammy Award winner Don Henry and hit songwriters Steve Seskin and Craig Carothers presented a humorous and lively concert at La Jolla Lutheran in January. This trio of talented troubadours has collectively had hits and cuts recorded by Tim McGraw, Kathy Mattea, Blake Shelton, Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney, Mark Wills, Peter, Paul and Mary, Ray Charles, Patti Page, Trisha Yearwood, and Berkley Hart, just to name a few. This concert was presented by the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) San Diego Chapter, which meets monthly at La Jolla Lutheran.

In February we help a dozen or more homeless people get off the street. Our guests include men, women and children (sometimes even infants) who are homeless but want to make a new start. They stay with us, have dinner and a place to sleep, and get breakfast in the morning. Then they head out to work or to look for work. We provide shelter for two weeks, then the guests go to another church in the Interfaith Shelter program. Guests can stay at shelters for up to two months, so they have a chance to save for rent and a deposit. The program has a remarkable success rate, and we're glad to be able to participate.

Rummage Sale Rummage sale
Rummage SaleIn September our Rummage Sale raised $4,200 for Feed America San Diego and Operation Homefront.

(Our next rummage sale is September 13, 2014.)

Each year we donate the proceeds from our the rummage sale to a worthy cause. In prior years funds have helped wounded soldiers from Afghanistan and Iraq and their families, provided shelter for abused women and children in San Diego, and have built two houses in Mexico for people who lacked adequate shelter.

Thank you to everyone who contributed goods for the rummage sale for these great causes. Thank you to everyone who shopped. And thank you to all the volunteers who helped put on these wonderful events. Your efforts are making a difference in the lives of military families and hungry people in San Diego County and Baja California.

New LCMC pastorsIn October dozens of pastors who joined Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ in the past year were applauded. LCMC now has more than 800 congregations around the world, and more than 700 in the United States.

Susan G Komen 3-Day WalkIn November we were privileged to be a rest stop in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk for the Cure.

Komen walk

Wrapping Christmas presents Wrapping Christmas presents
Operation Christmas Child

In November we packed 39 shoeboxes full of gifts for children around the world who might not have otherwise gotten presents. Thank you to everyone who helped a child have a great Christmas.


Christmas ParadeIn December we participated in the La Jolla Christmas parade.

La Jolla Christmas Parade


T shirtsGet a La Jolla Lutheran t-shirt. We have almost all sizes in stock, from youth extra-small to adult 2XL. Choose either "La Jolla Lutheran / We follow Jesus" or "Ask me / I'll pray for you." These shirts are a great bargain at $10 each. Save shipping when you pick them up at church or call the office to arrange to have them mailed to you: 858-454-6459.

Prayer For The Nations. We've been praying for the nations, focusing on one a month. In July we are praying for the United Arab Emirates. Join us in praying for the nations, and seeing God do mighty things around the world!

La Jolla Lutheran Church is a member of Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ, a fast-growing denomination of great congregations located throughout the United States. LCMC has more than 700 congregations in the United States and more than 800 worldwide. Other great LCMC churches in San Diego County include Penasquitos Lutheran Church at 14484 Penasquitos Drive and St. Timothy Lutheran Church at 2602 Reo Drive. To find an LCMC congregation near you, visit

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