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When Jesus spoke to the woman at the well about her biggest failures, she felt accepted rather than condemned.

The woman that Jesus encountered at the well was drawing water at noon, a time in the desert when she would encounter few others. Most everyone else from her town would be at the well in cooler parts of the day, when they could meet others and socialize as they stood in line.

But her relationships with other women in the town were likely complicated. She had had five husbands and was currently in relationship with a sixth man. Most of the women in the town would have heard about her, some would have talked about her, and several would be in relationship with men she was no longer married to – their mothers, daughters, new wives, and neighbors.

So, I expect, to avoid talking with other people at the well, she came at noon. There she met Jesus.

Jesus talked to her about her relationships. But it had a curious affect. When the townsfolk talked to her about her relationships, it caused her to try to avoid them by going to the well at noon. When Jesus talked to her, it caused her to seek out all the people from the town and tell them that Jesus knew everything she had ever done. What a difference when Jesus tells us about our sin, compared with when others do! When Jesus talks to us, there is no shame or judgment or condemnation. Jesus forgives, understands and loves.

How good when we can receive the mercy of Jesus for ourselves!

How good when we can give the mercy of Jesus to others!

God, help us to meet Jesus and receive his mercy. Help us to meet others with the mercy of Jesus. Thank you. Amen.

For reflection:

How will you treat yourself, in light of the compassion of Jesus?

How will you treat people rejected by others, in light of the compassion of Jesus?

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