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What is your top goal?

Your top goal will set the direction for your life, whether it's to be safe or have adventures or something else. Your top goal will cause you to pursue some things and reject others.

Because Jesus knew what his top goals were, he was able to avoid distractions and pursue things that kept him on the path God had laid out.

The video below shows why your top goals matter and how - when they are well chosen - they can help you achieve what God has called you to do.

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Feel inadequate?

Many people think they don't have enough to do what Jesus has asked them to do. They don't have enough time, or enough money, or enough knowledge or enough faith. But the little they have actually is enough.

The video below shows that many people called by God thought either that they didn't have enough or that they themselves weren't enough.

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Ask to be baptized with the Holy Spirit

John the Baptist was asked if he was the Messiah. He said he was not; the Messiah was much greater than he. "I baptize with water," John said. "He will baptize with the Holy Spirit and fire."

The video below shows what Jesus and the Bible say about what it means to be baptized by fire (a bad fate) and what it means to be baptized by the Holy Spirit.

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You have enough to share

John the Baptist had a message that sounds hard to believe. He said we have enough. He said we have no need to be striving for how to make more money, especially when it's at the expense of others. John said we already have enough to share with people who have less.

John tried to get people to turn their eyes off their own cares and to focus on those who had less and on God who loved them.

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Art Basel Banana

God's ideas often sound like they won't work.

We reject them because  they don't seem believable or reasonable. But Mary said yes to God (in Luke 1) even though what she heard didn't seem very likely. You can, too.

Most of us reject some of the good ideas God gives us because we have other priorities. We haven't trained ourselves to listen closely to God and to joyfully follow God's direction. So we miss many great opportunities, focusing instead on the small things that capture our attention.

Sometimes we dismiss the ideas God gives us because they don't seem that important. "I can do that later," we say, or even, "I can do that any time." But God lets us know when the timing is exactly right, when immediate action will have dramatic impact. It's helpful to listen to God for timing as well as for ideas of what to do.

Occasionally we hear from God about something that seems completely unreasonable. We don't believe it could be God talking to us. That's why it's so important to get practice listening to God, so we recognize God's voice even when God tells us something we don't believe.

Last year, no one thought someone could sell a banana for $120,000. It sounded ridiculous! But artist Maurizio Cattelan's gallery sold three such bananas in just one weekend.

Some of the ideas we hear from God will sound as impossible as finding buyers for three $120,000 bananas. We'll be tempted to dismiss God's ideas as unreasonable. But the world will be changed if we get to know God so well that we trust God even when everyone else thinks what God is telling us doesn't make sense.

God, help us to follow you, even when it doesn't make sense to ourselves or to others. And help us to let go of things that aren't from you, even if we don't (yet) recognize the danger. Thank you. Amen.

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