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Work hard with your confidence in God

The best way to live is difficult: it is to work hard but to put your confidence not in your work or its results but in God who loves you. If you can live that way, you will be very blessed.

Verses to study:
Genesis 15:1-6
Matthew 5:13-20
Romans 9:30-33

Genesis 15:6 says Abram believed God and God credited that belief as righteousness. His good works, which were many, resulted in many blessings, but not in righteousness. Similarly, his mistakes and failings caused trouble and turmoil, but did not result in unrighteousness. What made a difference for God was Abram believing a promise, even though for 24 years Abram saw no evidence of the promise's fulfillment. God credited that faith to Abram as righteousness.

Romans 9:30-33 says this kind of faith results in righteousness for us as well.

Working hard is very helpful. Doing good things instead of bad is very helpful. But our righteousness comes as a gift of God when we trust God's promises.

"Let your light shine before others," Jesus said in Matthew 5:16, "so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven." We work hard and do good things so people can see God's glory, love and majesty.