Bible insights from your friends at La Jolla Lutheran Church

Don't quit half way

The king told Esther -- twice -- that he'd give her anything she asked, up to half his kingdom. She asked. The king recognized the validity of her request. And then nothing happened.

Well, not nothing. The king took action related to what she'd asked. But he didn't do what he'd promised.

There are times when we think, "What I did should have been enough." But it's not.

Sometimes we'd like to quit and be done with it. But it's not over, and if we care, if we're working on something worthwhile, we won't quit.

Of course, any time we're working on something wrong, we should quit, sooner rather than later.

But if we're working on something worthwhile, it'll likely be hard, we'll likely be tired at some point, we'll sometimes want to give up. Don't quit. Take a break if you need it. But if you're working on something worthwhile, don't quit. The world needs you to finish the good God has called you to do.

God, help us to quit doing everything that's wasting our time and everything that's harmful. But help us to stick with everything that is worthwhile. Thank you. Amen.