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Don't lose heart: God hears your prayers

Jesus told a story with the point that we should keep praying and not lose heart. In the story, Jesus said that even an unjust judge will respond to persistent requests - so you can expect God (who is not unjust!) to listen to your cries.

(You can read the story in Luke 18:1-8.)

One example of a person who kept praying is found in Acts 10. Cornelius was a centurion who was respected by the community because of his generous gifts and his prayers to God. He became one of the first Gentile followers of Jesus, and his conversion helped Peter recognize that the message of Jesus was for everyone, in all the nations of the world.

Peter said God's love for Cornelius helped him understand that everyone who believed in Jesus received forgiveness.

The video below looks at these two stories. It also includes a look at mustard seeds, since Jesus says if you have faith as big as a mustard seed you can do things that you think are impossible.

God, help us to do all the amazing things that you think we are capable of. Thank you for hearing our prayers. We praise you. Amen.