Bible insights from your friends at La Jolla Lutheran Church

Go "all in" with God

Sometimes a person playing poker will go "all in." They'll bet everything they have. They hold nothing back.

That's your best posture with God: going all in. Holding nothing in reserve.

This week's video continues our look at Matthew 7:7-8, where Jesus says the door will open to someone who knocks. The implication of that is that we need to be careful where we knock.

Some people are knocking on the door of disappointment.
Others are knocking on the door of pride.
A few are knocking on the door of envy.

It's best to stop and get out of there!

It would be far better to knock on the door of thanksgiving, even if you're not feeling it. You can choose to be thankful even if you can't see how something will ever work out. You can choose to be thankful even when you're disappointed because God loves you and knows your situation and - somehow - will make something good of it.

Knock on doors that you want to open. And stop knocking on doors that will make things worse. That's something worth working on this week!

God, thank you for the reminder that when we knock, doors will open. Help us to avoid complaining, resentment, greed, and the many doors that are not good for us. Help us to knock on doors that are good, like the door of thanksgiving. We praise you. Amen.