Bible insights from your friends at La Jolla Lutheran Church

Jesus forgives you. Begin anew.

We understand it in baseball. Why can't we get it in the Christian church?

When a batter goes up to the plate, we're hoping for a hit - or even for a home run. But even one game is enough experience to realize that such events are rare. That's why we wait for them with such eager expectation.

Most times when a batter goes up to the plate, the batter tries and doesn't connect. Next time, we think. Next batter. Next inning. Next game. Next year.  We have a lot of grace for people trying in baseball, because we know that's how the game is played.

But that's also how it is in Christianity. We try. Sometimes we connect. Often we just show we need more practice. Get back and take another swing.

Peter failed. Jesus met him and effectively told him to shake it off. The past is past. Get back up. Try again.

Your life is too valuable to be stopped just because you made a terrible mistake. Learn from that and start again.

God, help us to praise you with our lives. Thank you for the chance to keep trying, even when we do things that need your forgiveness. We're so grateful for your mercy. Thank you. Amen.