Bible insights from your friends at La Jolla Lutheran Church

What will you do when Jesus asks you to do something that makes no sense?

Jesus asked Martha to do something that made no sense at all.

Martha had welcomed Jesus into her home. Then she became a little overwhelmed by the crowd that arrived with him.

Jesus made the completely impractical suggestion to Martha that if she sat around listening to him talk it would be better than her trying to take care of all the guests.

Martha couldn't see the wisdom of what Jesus said because she didn't recognize who he was.

If you don’t recognize Jesus, you will think that you have to use your expertise to pull off impossible feats. You might easily become worried and upset because the needs will quickly exceed your ability.


No wonder Martha was worried and distracted.

But think what might have happened if Martha had recognized who Jesus was. Jesus could feed thousands with five loaves and two fish. Martha didn't need to worry.

Martha is the expert in hospitality only if she doesn’t recognize that Jesus is the Son of God. If she truly recognized his standing, she would quickly quit worrying.

Jesus confronted Peter like this as well.

Peter’s dad was a fisherman, and Peter had grown up in the business. Now an adult, Peter knew fishing because of decades of experience. And then this carpenter walked into his life and tried to give him fishing advice.

If you don’t recognize Jesus, you might not think much of what he says. Fortunately Peter was willing to listen. He said essentially, “What you’re saying makes no sense. But I’ll do what you ask anyway.”

When Jesus tells you to do something that makes no sense, what will you do?

God, help us to trust Jesus, even when we think what he says makes no sense. Thank you. Amen.