Improve your life with insight from the Bible - 2019

With God, nothing is impossible

We often reject ideas God gives us because they don't seem believable or reasonable. But Mary said yes to God, even though what she heard didn't seem likely. You can, too.

God has heard your prayer

You can be confident that God has heard your prayer - even if nothing seems to be happening. Our prayers set things in motion that are often hidden from view.

Rejoice before it makes sense

God is going to turn all things to the good. As a result, you can rejoice in things that disappoint you, knowing that God will transform them. You can rejoice before it makes sense, knowing that God will turn everything in your life to good.

It is finished

Discover what Jesus accomplished for you on the cross.

You might experience injustice

It won't be fair. But you might experience injustice. Jesus was found innocent but he was sentenced to be tortured and then killed. You can talk to him about what you're going through.

God can protect you

Sometimes people want to be protected from hurts and pains that don't last. But Jesus wants us to stay engaged with life. He asks instead that God protect us from the evil one, who wants to cause eternal damage.

Ask to see God's glory

God's glory is often invisible to people. Even if people they see it, they usually don't value it.

Followers of Jesus choose to love

Even that person you can think of who doesn't deserve it.

Your prayers can change nations

The prayers of a righteous person can have a powerful effect.

Extravagant giving

When we fully understand how much Jesus has done for us, we understand why people are so thankful, generous and loving in response.

Trust God

Will you trust God when things aren’t working out? That’s probably the toughest question you’ll ever face.

Lift Jesus high

Jesus says in John 12:32, "I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself."

Jesus does not condemn you

Your life would be better without sin. No doubt about it. But when you sin, Jesus does not condemn you. Jesus came to set you free.

Sin can't keep you from God's mercy

No sin can keep you from God’s mercy. If you see Jesus and believe, you will be saved, no matter what your life has been like.

Have a breakthrough like Martha

We will all find ourselves in the same spot as Martha if we hang around Jesus. When we do, will we recognize him?

What will you do when Jesus asks you to do something that makes no sense?

Martha thought she needed to take care of everyone she'd invited over to her house. Jesus thought she needed to sit down.

Be amazing like Caleb

Caleb did something few people around him were willing to do: he trusted God in spite of how things looked.

Embrace God's mercy

When Jesus spoke to the woman at the well about her biggest failures, she felt accepted rather than condemned.

Pray effectively

Worrying won't do you any good. But praying effectively can change the world.

Recognize the signs of God's love

The signs of God's love are all around us.

Tell the nations about God's glory

If you're a Christian, sooner or later someone will ask why you have so much hope. It's worth thinking about your answer in advance.

The Holy Spirit will help you witness

Jesus said the Holy Spirit will be like a life-giving river flowing out of the heart of believers.

Be open to God's prophetic direction

Isaiah says every valley will filled and every mountain brought low. But if he's not talking about the Grand Canyon and the Tetons, what does he mean?

Be open to God's creative direction

Jesus said if a person wouldn't listen to Moses and the prophets, the person wouldn't be changed even if someone (like Jesus) came back from the dead. In other words, if you don't know the gap between how you're living and what God expects of you, you'll not recognize your need for Jesus. Being open to God's creative direction starts with being open to the pain of seeing how great the possibilities are for your life and how far you're falling short.

Jesus forgives you. Begin anew.

Even if you've done something really bad, Jesus doesn't want it to stop you. Move past it. Receive his forgiveness. Start over.

Trust Jesus

Jesus will contradict facts we think we know. In such situations will we trust our expectations? Or trust Jesus?

Ask God to help you recognize Jesus

Unless God helps you, you're apt to miss Jesus because of how he looks.

Welcome Jesus into your life (and your city)

When you welcome Jesus into your life, you'll still have problems. But Jesus will help you do things that will have eternal significance.

Accomplish your purpose

Jesus did what was best in the moment while also staying focused on his long-term purpose. Jesus set a great example for accomplishing what really matters.

Let God guide you

God will guide you away from danger and towards your best. But you have to listen and take action.

God gives the ability to get wealth

God wants to bless you - but only if it would be a blessing.

Ask God for the best path

It's best to work hard. But if you work hard at something that's not worthwhile, that doesn't help much. Ask God for the best path. Then go for it.

Go "all in" with God

Our best posture in life is to go "all in" with God, holding nothing back.

If you're at the right door, keep knocking

Some people knock on doors that would be bad if they opened. Don't do that! But if you're at the right door, persist. Knock and keep knocking.

Don't lose heart: God hears your prayers

If an unjust judge responds to persistent petitions, how much more will God who loves you.

A prayer worth praying

When Peter and John were threatened, they didn't ask for safety. They asked for more boldness to do God's work. Their prayer is worth repeating.

Call a new reality into being

Jesus says you can do things that everyone thinks impossible.

Grow to your full stature

Jesus thinks you can do more than he did. That's a lot! The only way to find out whether he's right or not is to start trying to do things that others think are impossible.

Stay connected

When you stay connected to Jesus, you have power for tasks that would be impossible except for God's help.

How to change

It's not easy to stop a bad habit or to start a good habit. But it's possible. This video gives some tips.