Improve your life with insight from the Bible

Be salty

People who follow Jesus stand out. Not all the time, perhaps. But eventually, they're going to have compassion when no one else does. At some point, they're going to have mercy when no one else will.

Jesus says his followers are designed to stand out, to act differently than the people around them. Don't try to blend in. You were designed to be different!


God's kingdom is like hidden treasure

Jesus said sometimes people aren't able to see the value of God's kingdom. It's like hidden treasure. They're liable to pass over it, not recognizing its amazing value.

Ask God to open your eyes to any hidden treasure that you're missing.


God's kingdom may not look like much at first

When you're at the beginning of something great, it may not look like much.

Honor the people around you, whether you can see their greatness or not .


You can change your environment

Jesus expects you to change your environment, calming the storms you encounter with the peace Jesus has given you.


Invite Jesus into your neighborhood

Heal the sick. Cast out harmful spirits. Cleanse lepers. You'll never know what God can do through you until you try.


God gives peace and rest

If you're having trouble sleeping at night, ask God to give you peace and rest. And then, if you still can't sleep, use the time to pray for and bless others. They probably need it.


Forgive others and receive forgiveness

Jesus encourages us to forgive others in the same way that we have been forgiven -- fully and completely.

If you're having trouble sleeping at night, ask God to give you peace and rest. And then, if you still can't sleep, use the time to pray for and bless others. They probably need it.


God is with us (even when we can't feel it)

God is with us, even when we are not aware of God's presence.


Walk with Jesus (even when it hurts)

God's plans for your life are sometimes painful, but they are always strategic and good.


God's possibilities will stretch your faith

Jesus expects his followers to heal the sick and raise the dead. Most of us need more practice.


Learn from Jesus: Heal and help those you see in need

Healing people and helping those in need is one of the primary attributes of a normal Christian life.


Learn from Jesus: Love without reserve

Jesus says we should love our enemies. But if we watch how he acts, we quickly learn that loving our enemies does not mean we have to do what they say. It does not mean we have to be silent when they make statements that aren't true. It does not mean that we have to adopt their values. In fact, when we love our enemies, they might not like it.


Jesus had critics. You will, also.

The better your idea, the more certain it is that people will oppose you. Don't let critics stop you from doing something great.


Find your purpose. It's why you're gifted.

God gives you gifts so you can accomplish far more than you think is possible.


Power flows from Jesus. Stay connected.

Jesus wants you to work on things that will last for eternity. Fortunately, he gives the power to do them when you stay connected to him.


Storms won't hurt homes on solid foundations

A house can appear stable for decades. But Jesus says when a huge storm comes you'll learn if the house is built on a solid foundation.


Don't stop half way

If you quit a bad habit, you need to replace it with a good one or at some point you will feel like going back. Israel wanted to go back to slavery rather than face the challenge of advancing to the good place God intended for them.


What would you do if you were brave?

You are capable of far more than you think you are. God sees your full potential and calls you to it.


Abundance flows from understanding and action

Jesus says abundance flows from understanding God's word.


Fill your life with good deeds

Selfish deeds won't produce anything lasting. But good deeds? The bountiful harvest from them can last into eternity.


God can heal your hurts

Offer your requests to God with thanksgiving. Some days you may be hurting so bad it will seem impossible. But stay focused on God who loves you. God can heal your hurts.

Many of the things we do won't last. But good deeds can produce an eternal harvest.


Be blessed like Anna

Some people are able to see what God is doing before anyone else. Anna was like that. Like her, you can encourage people. This video also includes tips for making (and keeping!) New Year resolutions and goals.