Bible insights from your friends at La Jolla Lutheran Church

Don't stop half way

Numbers 13 tells the story of a generation too fearful to receive the good God desired to give them.

If they had stepped into their destiny, they would have faced hard work and sacrifice. But mostly what they lacked was faith: faith that God could help them in their weakness. They knew they were inadequate. They weren't wrong about that. But they didn't trust God to be able to provide where they were weak.

Reflection questions

What good things has God asked you to do that you haven't acted on yet?

God, help us to listen to you rather than our fears. Help us to do what you call us to do. Help us to receive the blessing you are providing for us. Thank you! Amen.


The video below encourages you to continue following God even when the way looks hard.

It also discusses how people escaping an addiction sometimes stop before they adopt new habits that will keep them free. To break a bad habit, you need to replace it with something good. Otherwise you will constantly be in danger of returning to the bad habit.