Bible insights from your friends at La Jolla Lutheran Church

Jesus had critics. You will, too.

The better your idea, the more certain it is that people will oppose you. As a result, it's important that you don't let them stop you from doing good things they don't understand.

Nehemiah wanted to build a wall around Jerusalem to protect it from invaders who regularly ravaged the city. It was a great idea, but people who wanted Jerusalem to be unable to defend itself weren't happy.

Nehemiah faced such opposition that his workers eventually had to carry a weapon in one hand and work with the other.

Similarly, Jesus had critics, even though he was healing people and accomplishing great things. Jesus told his followers that they should expect opposition, too.

Don't let critics stop you from doing something great. If you face opposition, keep going. Like Nehemiah you may need to fight for your good idea. But don't let critics shut it down.

Reflection questions

What good ideas have you worked on that others fought against?

When you encounter resistance, what do you usually do? Quit? Back off? Double down?

God, help us to listen to your ideas. Help us to change when it would be helpful. And help us to press on when enemies are trying to distract us from doing something good. We praise you! Amen.