Bible insights from your friends at La Jolla Lutheran Church

God is making all things new

The Bible describes God as being creative, loving, and interested in both justice and mercy.

God is so merciful it offends people who are trying to follow God's rules for how to live well. You can read about this in Luke 15.

Don't get confused; it's good for you to follow the instructions God lays down for your own health and well-being. Following those instructions brings blessing to you, your family and your nation.

But people who put all their hope in pleasing God by following rules are sometimes offended by God's amazing mercy for people who don't follow the rules at all.

More than that, God invites us to reflect God's character: to be creative, to love others, to strive for both justice and mercy, and to have compassion for people who have rejected God's ways.

God help us to love like you love, to have mercy like you have mercy, and to work for justice like you work for justice. Thank you. Amen.