Bible insights from your friends at La Jolla Lutheran Church

Be clothed in Christ's righteousness

Saul thought he knew what David should wear.

David was about to do a dangerous task that neither Saul nor his warriors were willing to attempt. But even though Saul wasn't willing fight Golliath himself, he tried to tell David how to do it.

Other people won't know your strengths and skill sets. So when you're ready to do something they aren't doing, their advice might not be helpful.

Rather than following the expectations and conventions of others, it's helpful to be equipped with the Holy Spirit for the tasks God has called you to.

Like David, it's helpful to do great work where you are, even if no one is around to see. It's good practice for when you take on harder tasks in public view.

You can read this story in 1 Samuel 17.

God, help us to do good work wherever we are. Thank you for equipping us by your Holy Spirit. And thank you that we can wear the righteousness of Christ and don't have to rely on our own. We praise you. Amen.